Building a business is not for everyone

For recent generations, the thrill and freedom of working for yourself with a seemingly flexible schedule while making an impact through business has been appealing. However, not everyone has what it takes to launch and sustain a business or social good venture. My fellow Co-founder Stephen Lewis and I see time and time again aspiring social entrepreneurs jumping into launching a business before discerning if this path is aligned with their gifts, mindset, time, and resources. This led us to develop our new course Built for This.


Meet Ryan Powell aka Dr. P Health MD, founder of Go Go Healthy Kids, an augmented reality app created to fight childhood obesity. Since completing the DO GOOD X accelerator program in November 2018, Ryan has made great progress in developing his app and securing capital for his venture. In his Q&A, Ryan gives tips for pitching to investors, hiring team members, finding resources, and more.


Meet Nicole Thompson co-founder of the Empowered Readers Literacy Project and DO GOOD X Mentor. In her Q&A, Nicole shares what it’s like starting a family nonprofit, what helps her as a social entrepreneur during challenging times, upcoming projects and more.


Meet Scarlett Rosier, co-founder of Rhyme & Reason Design and one of three new mentors joining the DO GOOD X community. In her Q&A, Scarlett shares how mentorship has helped her, what inspired her entrepreneurial journey, why she thinks now could be a good time to start a business, and more.


Meet Shelley Best, creator of the newly launched Soulprenuer online course and 2019 DO GOOD X Fellow. In her Q&A, she shares how she started her online course, the importance of identifying a paying customer base, lessons learned, and more.


Her venture was selected as this year’s Community Choice at Pitch for Good where she received $2,000 to invest in her business. So what’s next for this up-and-coming founder? In her Q&A, Stephanie Mayer, co-founder of Nary Resort wear, shares her plans for 2020, the risks she took to start her venture, advice for the next class of DO GOOD X Fellows, and more.


Meet current DO GOOD X Fellow Rayce Lamb, founder of Faithonomics, an online platform offering holistic financial literacy education and vocational exploration opportunities for faith leaders. In his Q&A, Rayce shares his finance journey, recent accelerator discoveries, what it was like launching a venture during a pandemic, and his biggest hope for the future of Faithonomics.


Have you been thinking about getting involved with DO GOOD X? If you’re interested in joining our community as a mentor, supporter, or Fellow, there’s someone you should get to know! Meet the Creator of DO GOOD X Stephen Lewis. In his Q&A, Stephen shares what inspired him to launch an accelerator program for social entrepreneurs, thoughts on the future of social impact, what he finds most rewarding about his work, and more.


Meet Elaine Robinson Beattie, one of the newest members of DO GOOD X’s community of mentors. She is a seasoned leadership and business coach with over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry. In her Q&A, Elaine gives tips for making connections during the pandemic, describes her coaching style, and shares what excites her most about joining DO GOOD X.


Are you thinking about applying to next year’s accelerator or joining our community as a mentor or supporter? If so, there’s someone you should get to know! Meet Kimberly R. Daniel, project director for DO GOOD X. In the Q&A below, Kimberly shares what influences her to do good, what generosity means to her, and what movie title best describes her life.